At AirHome Design Cooling & Heating we are committed to keeping your A/C & Heating system safe and reliable at an affordable price, so your system can last beyond it's life expectancy.
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At AirHome Design we are skilled in all residential Air Conditioning and Heating Systems. Our team of quality Factory trained Technicians will meet all your comfort needs with focused service that leaves you 100% satisfied with every visit.

Your Air Conditioning System is the most power consuming appliance in your home, a good system maintenance plan is proven to reduce breakdowns, assures your unit operates at maximum efficiency, and gives you great peace of mind that it willl be working when you need it most.

My Protection Plan

• (2) Detail Tune-Ups Performance Check

• No Breakdown Warranty

• 20% Discount on repairs

• 10% Discount on any indoor air quality products

• 10% Discount on any system installation

Elite Plan

• Clean and flush drain line

• Perform anti-microbial coating

• Vaccuum return air chamber

• Add refrigerant up to 1 pound (refrigerant cannot be added if refrigerant leak is detected)


• Check and test all electrical components for wear and proper operation

Air Conditioning or Heating

• Check refrigerant levels to manufacturer's specifications

• Inspect air delivery system

• Hydro clean outdoor coil

• Check for Micro Bio Growth

• Check electronically for low-level Carbon-Monoxide Analysis

• Check and log system voltage

AirHome Design Maintenance


• Check and clean sediment trap on furnaces only

• Visually Inspect and test capacitors for leakage and manufacturer's capacitance

• Clean Condensate Lines & check condesate pump operation

• Test and calibrate system controller

• Check crankcase heater for proper operation

• Check Evaporator Coil

• Tighten Screw lug in Condensor Unit

• Check and test defrost cycle and reversing valve operation (Heat pump only)

AirHome Design Maintenance

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